What clients say

  • Lena Chow President, City of Paris, Inc.
    “Rob Buccino is an incredible strategist and a dazzling creative at the same time. I attribute this to his insight — into issues and people — which comes from a combination of experience, perspective and, importantly in a work situation, his empathy.”

  • Michele Strier, EVP at Spectrum PR
    Rob consulted with me and my team in preparation for various new business opportunities. His feedback and experience were extremely helpful in terms of refining our presentation and approach. Most importantly, his insights reconnected me with the specific, personal qualities that help me to excel in my field and inspire clients to want to work with me. This was an invaluable reminder that expertise is essential, but honoring what makes each of us unique is what wins new clients.

  • Stuart Klein Interpublic Healthcare Practice Lead
    “…brings a unique combination of strategic insight and process improvement to an agency’s new business process that is unparalleled in my experience of over 100 pitches across three different agencies.”

  • Michele Hush Chief Storyteller, Thomson Reuters
    “During Rob’s tenure at Grey Healthcare Group and mine at Grey Worldwide, we worked together on many complex, demanding projects. He is a consummate business development professional — writer, manager, advisor, peacemaker — who earned the respect of everyone he came in contact with.”

  • Jane Parker President, Interbrand Health
    “Rob Buccino developed an approach to pitch presentations that has created a significant competitive edge within the industry.”

  • Mike Lazur Managing Partner, LHG Partners
    “It’s getting harder and harder to find bright, imaginative and experienced folk who have the goods to come through in a pinch. Rob is one of them. He not only processes the strategic talent necessary for success, but he delivers these same insights with decisive on-the-money brilliant creativity…and without the ego we have learned to equate with greatness. In fact, his attitude spews helpfulness… always with gestures of good will. While most people want to know what’s in it for me, Rob wants to know what’s in it for you.”

  • MD/Medical Sales Liaison, Boehringer Ingelheim
    I have attended several presentation skills workshops in the past, and Rob was the most outstanding consultant I have ever encountered.
  • Peter Kornberg President, Motivate Design
    Rob’s talents and extraordinary experience with business development, provided us the opportunity to elevate our game and deliver exciting results in large and mid-size pitches. Regardless of the pressure or intensity of any situation, Rob shows absolute professionalism, calm, wisdom and decisiveness and without his support, our organization wouldn’t be where it is today.

  • Andy Deutch, VP Advance Insights
    Robert is highly intelligent, innovative and has an ability to challenge colleagues to develop creative, profitable, and impactful strategies and solutions for clients. He is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend him.
  • Camille DeSantis, Founding Partner, SIGNAVA
    In a word, amazing. Extremely adept at listening to what one’s needs are, capturing “voice and tone,” and developing materials that are both strategically sound and compelling. I am continuously struck by how Rob “gets it right the first time” and truly feel he “gets me”. Extremely personable, highly expert in his craft, Rob is a true collaborator whom I can trust to deliver excellent work every single time, on time. I really have peace of mind when I work with him. He’s truly gifted and I highly recommend him.
  • Neil Wolf, President, Wolf Consulting LLC
    I worked with Rob when I was President of the NY office of Grey Healthcare Group and he was EVP, New Business. Rob was truly a delight to work with. He assured that our new business presentations were sharp, strategic and excellently executed. Rob has a wonderful ability to question the status quo and to elicit the best effort from whatever team he is leading.
  • Susan Flinn Cobian, President – Business Strategist
    Robert is a detail-oriented professional who helped us prepare for a large client pitch. His strategic insights and resulting recommendations were invaluable — especially since we had a small internal team available to work on the presentation. I highly recommend Rob and would use him again in a second.
  • Lydia Canizares, retired marketing professional
    Rob has developed a long-standing and extremely positive reputation in the industry, especially around his expertise of strategic consulting and new business, having worked on countless pitches across a variety of therapeutic categories and agencies.
  • Stuart Klein, Interpublic Healthcare Practice Lead
    A unique experience base that delivers a level of insight and actionability that I have yet to find elsewhere… Rob’s years on the agency side give him a deep understanding of the nuances of agency dynamics, and his deep understanding of what clients want allow an agency to deliver focused, thoughtful presentations in new business settings, and skills for improving relationships with existing clients.
  • Joe Garamella, Writer/Author
    “Rob is able to cut through the clutter to home in on the most compelling fact—helping you craft a succinct yet memorable story that showcases your differentiating stance as an agency and your unique strengths as individuals. He’s a calm, expert facilitator, who provides actionable advice and guidance based on years of diverse experience in healthcare marketing and communications.