What to expect

The approach I take is audience-focused, insight-based, and (most importantly) individually tailored to you and your team. As an experienced strategic marketer and writer, I help you develop and deliver your story the way advertising agencies help brands succeed: by understanding key audience needs and developing compelling messages that address them. I work with you as a thinking partner as well as your performance coach. Together we focus on strategies as well as the tactics that will accomplish your goals, such as:

  • Tuning into audience interests, needs, and concerns (INCs)
  • Adjusting your attitude
  • Framing your (unique) value proposition
  • Getting and using real-time feedback

Working closely and individually with you, I help you…

  • craft what to say and how to say it, based on insights about your audience/interviewer’s INCs
  • hear how your story is coming across to others… so you can adapt appropriately, even right in the moment
  • anticipate challenges and create strategies to address them
  • calm your anxieties and tame the butterflies in your stomach
  • build your confidence

– so that you will state your case more clearly. Compellingly. And win the job and/or business you deserve.