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What makes some people connect exceptionally well with clients, interviewers, and other critical audiences?

Photo of Rob Buccino
Rob Buccino, President NeoCortex Consulting Group, Inc.

With the right kind of coaching,  just about anyone can step into challenging situations and, in a few minutes, gain authentic trust, a human connection, and a desire to do business together—even with total strangers.

It’s a set of skills, not an innate talent, charisma, or magic. The skills are teachable; you, like most people, already possess them to some extent and use them selectively.

I specialize in one-on-one and team coaching to help people like you develop these skills for when you need them in interviews, presentations/pitches, negotiations, and other conversations that have important business consequences for you. I work with many kinds of people, everyone from recent graduates to senior career-changers and company CEOs… introverts and extroverts… people with presentation experience as well as people who face these situations with dread.

Unlike many consultants in this field, I come from a marketing and commercial background rather than the human resources/training world. As a New Business Director, I ran several hundred pitches for advertising agencies, PR firms, and other communications companies. As an international Creative Director, I developed award-winning and business-building campaigns. I’ve advised communications teams of major pharmaceutical and health care companies. And I wrote The Pitch Book, a definitive guide for how to plan and conduct a major business presentation.

Want to learn more? I’m located in New York City and Salisbury, Connecticut. You can reach me at neocortex@verizon.net,  or telephone me (see below).

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